We are so excited about the progress that Joey has made, especially in the last 2 or 3 months. Joey was given to Lauren in Florida as a navicular rehab case. The previous owners had come to the end of their emotional and financial rope when the vet and farrier declared Joey a lost cause due to Navicular disease. They had already spent thousands of dollars on treatment and special shoeing when Lauren entered the picture with a story of hope. Looking at the condition of Joey’s feet, Lauren was sure that she could fix him. But in their minds they had done all they could do even if it were true that there was a possibility of having their horse back. So they offered Joey to Lauren and she snapped him up.

It has been a long road. But the proof is in the pudding. Again the solution has been a combination of dietary changes, plus hoof balance, plus movement. Recently, we added an additional herbal supplement to support his muscles and tendons as he comes back to work. Over the course of the last year I rode Joey a handful of times. He carried himself very crooked and disconnected. I was able to encourage him to level out but no one else could seem to ride him! Then this spring he just started to look better moving around on his own. Lauren then added the AAKG and Jiaogulan to his diet. Since then it is like he’s a different horse. We joke that now he’s just like a regular horse.

I love the way he’s using this hind end and the way it is pushing his neck up and out. He used to get all ‘bunched up’ so to feel (and see!) him moving out in such a fluid swinging way is like a miracle. I do love that kind of talk!