Just the way top ballet dancers practice and take class at the barre, longe lessons are for everyone. Longe lessons are a great way to discover those little things we do that get in the way of the horse so we can eliminate them.  My approach to advanced rider longe lessons is to challenge the rider in creative ways that result in the rider discovering within him/herself the balance and suppleness needed to ride effectively.  It is all about being able to access and control one’s own body parts so that which leads to the possibility of influencing a horse in a positive way.

For beginners time on the longe line is the best way to learn.   My training philosophy for horses is to break things down into achievable steps and only add next steps when the horse is ready.  Stands to reason that that approach would work for people too and it does!  The fact is riding is a lot like rubbing your head while patting your belly.  It can be very frustrating when you are just starting out to have to do it all at once.  Having the option of longeing the rider really helps to build skills one step at a time.

This gentleman came to me after quite a few years of self-taught riding. I was very impressed with his willingness to do what it took to improve his riding. And improve he did. This was after a couple of months of once weekly lessons.