It is NEVER too late!

Never too late to start!

Never too late to start!

The last time she did any real riding was some 55 years ago! But Michele is truly an inspiration to me and anyone who meets her. She is proof that if you want something bad enough you will put the effort needed into it and you will be successful.

When she started taking lessons with me this year she thought that at her age she’d better ride western because she couldn’t imagine how she’d stay on without a horn! Over the last month or so she has learned how to post, to canter and today she got her first taste of Really Riding. By that I mean that blissful place where the horse is on the bit and floating over the ground. After her lesson, I said, “So, perhaps now you can see a little bit how people might call dressage ‘dancing’ with your horse?”

She replied, “I can see that now. And, it seems that most people just never experience dancing with their horses!”

What a wise and poignant observation. And it is sadly true. So few really do learn to dance but it is never too late to start.

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  1. After meeting Michelle and seeing her determination to do things right, as well as the softness and kindness she uses with her horses I have to agree, she is a complete and utter inspiration.