Danke & Tulsa first day at homeAfter 20-something years of owning and always boarding my horses I am beginning a new phase on my personal journey.  My horses are now in my very own back yard.

It is very cool to be able to look out my window and see them there.  I’m also really looking forward to getting to know them much better than would ever be possible when someone else is caring for them.  Like this morning I noticed that they took a nap between 10:30 and 11:30.  And, last night at 11:00PM  (because I couldn’t help going out to see them before I went to bed) I found them to be awake and quite active.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is adding more dimension to my relationship with each of them.   Instead of the busy person who comes and rides and leaves, I will be just ‘around’ more as I attend to the duties of their care.  So, many opportunities to just say hi and offer to scratch that spot.  I found out that Danke (who is 17+ hands) didn’t mind at all when (after my arm got tired) I went to scratching her back with the rake!  Tulsa is always the more reserved one.  And, while she has been in my life for 16 years I’m still hoping that this new intimacy will allow our relationship to grow.