New book by Karen Pryor

Reaching the Animal MindWhen I was first introduced to clicker training some 10 years ago one of the books that was a real mind alterer was “Don’t Shoot the Dog” by Karen Pryor. Although the title would suggest that the book is somehow about dog training, it isn’t. It is about practical applications of reinforcement in any training situation. Or, really, any of our relationships, even with people. Over the years it has been one book I have recommended frequently.

Karen has just released a new book called “Reaching the Animal Mind.” Now, I admit that I have not yet read it. But, I expect it to be as least as interesting as Don’t Shoot the Dog. The website associated with the book is also good. It is set up to follow the book chapters and provides additional reading suggestions, links to useful sites and video clips. You’ll see that this book is also full of information that is broadly applicable to all species–including people!

The reason that I am mentioning it now, before I’ve read it, is because we all have a great opportunity to listen in on (and participate, too, if you want) a discussion with Karen about her new book. The discussion is taking place on the Yahoo Group, DogRead. The discussion has already started!

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  1. I finished Reaching the Animal Mind a few weeks ago and loved it! I’ve been meaning to write a review of it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Karen Pryor, as always, does a great job of breaking things down and explaining them so that even someone without a background in behavior can understand the concepts. But, she also details a lot of the research and developments that have taken place since Don’t Shoot the Dog was published. Some of it is fascinating!

    My favorite Karen Pryor book, however, is probably still Lads Before the Wind.

    Mary H.