Leslie Desmond’s blog page

I just added a link to Leslie’s blog, to my Links page. Here’s the description from the site:

“In this blog you can follow how Leslie’s approach is helping horses coast-to-coast and gain insight about how to work with horses through “feel and release”. We will post photos, audio clips and video clips as they become available, including highlights from Leslie’s 2009 Horsemanship Seminar tour, and from clinics with trainers in her program. You can also catch other news from Leslie and Diamond Lu Productions.”

There are several photo essays on the site already, each with detailed stories through the captions.

Leslie is an exceptional horsewoman who always puts the horse first, a great writer and her unique perspective on horses and horsemanship always comes through. Check her out!


  1. Recently after watching a slide series of Leslie’s, I started thinking about claiming space to move a horse, specifically Ari. I went out and played with this, claiming space under his front feet off to the side and the back feet the same (so that he needed to move laterally). As I did this Ari moved easily away from me with softness and a kind eye. I thought about the pressure and energy used to claim that space was different than the pressure and energy directed “at him” to have him move his feet. It was fun and successful. The other thing that transpired from this was how little I had to actually do to direct him in other ways, (miniscule, an outsider couldn’t see it if they didn’t know what they were looking for). I thought about how often I am shouting at him unintentionally when doing more energy wise than I need to. Not to say, that it is never necessary to increase the energy with this particular horse. So checking out Leslie’s blog was definitely helpful for me!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Isn’t it interesting how such a small adjustment in our presentation can make such a BIG difference to the horse!

  3. How can you help a horse calm down under saddle? My mare seems so full of energy and wants to go faster than I want at every gate. I have tried to get her to slow down walking with rein slight pressure and release in rythem with her feet and it seems to sort of help. I mainly can’t get her to lope slow and relaxed. I don’t want to ride with contact all the time, I want a relaxed slow lope. Can you offer an suggestions?