My book gets a shout-out on

Hey, how cool is that? Katherine Blocksdorf, the Horses Guide on has written a nice review of my book and given it five stars! You can read it here. If you have read my book, too, you can add your own review to hers. If you haven’t read it (what??) you can get it on Amazon (among others).

Thanks Katherine!


  1. Just saw the post on the clickryder blog about that.

    Very cool!

    The site has a pretty good article on targeting / clicker training basics.

    It’s always nice to see when clicker training gets mentioned positively by the larger horse community.

    And your book definitely deserves five stars! 🙂



  2. Hi Mary,
    Thanks! I’d actually seen the clicker training article and that she was recommending a couple of other clicker training books. I thought, hey, she should review my book, too. 😉 So, I had my publisher send her a copy a month or so ago. I’m glad I did!