Anybody remember the old Dressage & CT magazine?  It’s been defunct for years–a fact that is very unfortunate.  It was a magazine that marched to its own drummer and included articles about such controversial topics as French lightness and how to train the Spanish Walk.  I miss that magazine, I learned so much from it.

Making a good effort to fill the gap in support of classical dressage is an online magazine called “Horses for Life”.  The recent Blue Tongue controversy gave the magazine a platform to show their stuff.  They launched a campaign to support Dr. Gerd Heuschmann by giving him a petition signed by 41,000 people to take to the special meeting with the FEI to discuss Rollkur.

In light of the rollkur controversy the publisher of Horses for Life has made their special “Enough is Enough” edition free.  If you have any interest in subscribing to the magazine this is a great way to get a feel for it.