One of the members of the Clickryder group responded to an inquiry about retraining Thoroughbreds off of the track by referring her to a website ( created to answer this very question.  Out of curiosity I followed the link and found the e-book, free to download, that was mentioned.

The book is titled “A Guide to Understanding and Retraining Your Off Track Thoroughbred.”   It is over 80 pages and packed full of detailed information about what an OTTB experienced as a race horse and his life on the track.  It also provides a lot of sensible suggestions for what to look for when selecting an OTTB, how to transition him to ‘civilian’ life and tips for retraining.  All in all it struck me as a most useful and thorough reference for someone considering giving one of these worthy horses a new life after racing.

The site is the online face for “Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue, Inc.” a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Thoroughbreds find new careers after racing.  Go here to check out the site and get the free ebook: