Frank Grelo: Bit by Bit, Lateral Movements In-Hand…

… & Leg Yielding Under Saddle.

This DVD features Riding Master Frank Grelo.  I would have provided a link to a website but evidently he doesn’t have one.

The long title pretty well sums up the content which is aimed at providing an introductory look at learning and developing beginning lateral steps.  Mr. Grelo demonstrates a basic turn on the forehand in-hand and then shows how he develops that into a “leg yield” in-hand toward a wall.  He also shows leg yield in-hand in “head to the wall” position, along a wall.  This is followed by demonstrating the same under saddle.

What struck me as unique about this program was the fact that some of the demonstrations are done by a variety of skill levels and abilities in both horses and riders.  So, viewers don’t always see just a finished product where it appears the rider is doing nothing and the horse dances along under mind control.  It is helpful to see how some horses will not find the work easy to begin with and how the presentation may need to be adjusted for each horse.  The film also shows riders, on the ground and under saddle, making those little mistakes that get made by novices and how they can be corrected.  So, lots of “regular” horses and riders are in the video.  It seems like the participants are probably some of his own students at his training facility.

Mr. Grelo points out that riding a “simple” straight line is actually the result of numerous fine control adjustments and doesn’t happen by magic.  Throughout the program he makes an effort to map the beginning work to those fine controls that come later.  I enjoyed watching this DVD and I think it could be helpful for folks who are just learning these skills


  1. Frank Grelo can be reached via

    And, a blog can be accessed from that page.

    Frank Grelo moved to this new facility in the fall of 2009. We are presently capturing new photographs to complete the webstie.

    • Beverly,
      Thank you so much for providing a link to Frank Grelo’s website. I guess it is so new that it didn’t come up in a google search!

  2. I had the opportunity to audit a clinic taught by Mr.Grelo. Some of his thoughts remain with me to this day. I’d so like to audit him again.

    • Thanks, Val, for your comments!