JP Giacomini, from the Equus Academy site

Jean Philippe (JP) Giacomini is an internationally recognized teacher, training, author and coach.  His latest project is Equus Academy, an educational subscription website dedicated to teaching the classic principles of horsemanship.

Among his many training accomplishments, JP is also an innovator.  He developed a method for cultivating improved relaxation and movement through a percussive massage technique called “Endotapping”.

I experimented a bit, about 10 years ago, with JPs endotapping technique.  At the time I found it “interesting” but put it on a back burner for lack of real certainty about what to do with it.  I’ve talked here about my experiences with the Masterson Method of Equine Massage.  With these experiences under my belt I think I have a better sense of how and why something like Endotapping could work to facilitate a relaxation response from the horse.  So, I’m going to bring the idea back to a front burner as I bring my mares back to work this spring.

Anyway, the Equus Academy  website is currently available to anyone on a FREE 3-day trial.  The regular subscription rate is $24.95/mth or $249.00/year.  There are numerous videos in a variety of categories from beginning Endotapping in a stall to work in hand and under saddle.  Additionally, there are several articles on a variety of topics related to classical horsemanship and riding.  JP plans to add (a very ambitious) TWO new hours of video to the site each WEEK.  It will interesting to see if that comes to pass.  If so it could be worth the $24.95 a month.

I don’t love everything I see from JP but someone with all of his experience can surely teach me a thing or two!  And, I have learned things.  I especially appreciated his take on positioning for half pass.  So, I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge.  Plus, I know how much work goes into a site such as he’s created.

I would certainly encourage folks to do the free trial and make your own decisions about whether the full subscription investment is right for you.