Do you teach beginners? (Or, I ride western, what about me?)

I will work with ANYone–level of experience or discipline does not matter–who is committed to learning and helping his/her horse.

I'm not interested in dressage competition, will you help me?

Of course! Being serious about learning and riding well is not synonymous with competitive aspiration.

I am very competitive. Can you help me win at shows?

I believe that correct, systematic riding based on relaxation, balance and suppleness will result in a horse more prepared for the rigors of competitions be it dressage, jumping, competitive trail riding, or western reining. So, in that regard I can help you achieve your goals. If you are looking for a coach to guide you to a win at competition, I may not be what you need.

How long are lessons?

Most lessons last about one hour. Sometimes the lesson goes a little more than one hour and sometimes less, depending on how much the student is able to absorb. We quit when it is time to quit. I don’t nit-pick and charge by the minute if we go over an hour. But, sometimes you might want me to come to your place and work with multiple horses. Then we go by the hour.

Can I do a half hour lesson to save money?

Unfortunately, no. In my experience a half hour is just not enough time to actually teach anything. And I want you to be successful!

How much do you charge for lessons?

I charge $40 per hour for locations within 15 miles from my home in west Ocala, FL. Outside of that radius the rate is $40/hr plus $0.50 per mile.

I'd like to get started riding my two year old but he's bucking at the canter/lope. Will you be able to fix that?

No. A two year old is too young to be ridden much less cantering/loping. I don’t start horses under saddle until their fourth year. If you just want someone to ride out the bucks on a young horse, you’ll need to look elsewhere!

Do you do video lessons?

Get someone to video tape you and your horse doing whatever it is you would like help with. Post the video on the internet (like YouTube). I will review the video and make comments and suggestions. I can either email my comments or we can talk on the phone. The cost for a video lesson is $50.

Are you available for clinics?

A clinic is a two day event with 6 riders. I recommend two days because it gives everyone a chance to absorb new material and show progress. My fee is $300/day plus travel and accommodations.