About the Book

book-coverI am a person who loves to learn. I have never been one to follow the crowd and so I have been free to explore all the nooks and crannies of the horseman’s art. I am also not one to build fences. I prefer to build bridges. Where others see “Us” and “Them” I prefer to find Common Ground.

And so this is how I have managed to develop a personal approach that integrates classical dressage, traditional horsemanship, and clicker training. The result is just ‘getting to yes’ through building trust, quiet listening, communication, clarity, consistency, and most of all taking the time to reward, reward, reward.

I want to help you ‘Get to Yes’ with Your Horse through a positive approach to horsemanship and better riding. My goal is to instill in people the skills and ability they need to develop happy productive relationships with their horses no matter what their discipline. I have a particularly soft spot for those extra sensitive horses who get a bad rap as a result.

If you are interested in learning more about my ideas you might enjoy reading my book–“Getting to Yes: Clicker Training for Improved Horsemanship,” which you can buy from Amazon.  It is also available for download to your Kindle.  The publisher changed the title but it is still the same book.  It is, of course, available from many other book sellers, as well.


Some Nice Reviews

 Hi Sharon, I went to my first clinic with Alexandra Kurland about 3 weeks ago and had ordered your book before I left. It just came and I am writing to say that, even though I am only on page 50, I find your way of discussing and explaining this method excellent! The clinic with Alex was so fantastic – I am training 2 of my three donkeys at the moment, VERY different personalities! I yearn to become a “specialist” (I use that word loosely) in clicker training for donkeys, as I think it is such a fabulous way to engage with their thoughtful intelligence. With clicker training, we have developed much stronger bonds and we have both learned so much even though I have been clumsy and make mistakes. The opportunity to “stop arguing” and split objectives up into tiny steps is wonderful and I love the process. I now need to develop a training plan and train some loops as Alex suggests. On another note, I have been asked to talk about clicker training in June at the Equine Club here. Your book will be invaluable. I look forward to reading and re-reading. It is a great companion to Alex’s DVDs and books too. all the best, Cynthia Denman Island, BC
Hi Sharon, I got your book and can’t wait to have time to sit and really read it. Just looking through it, it looks beautiful. Great imagery and photos. Nice Job!!! Thanks very much for writing it and helping to get the word out there. Thanks for signing and sending as well.  Best, Ann Firestone, Broomtail Farm, South Acworth, NH, Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue
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