Get Help

Depending on where you are at with your horse and your goals I can offer help in a variety of ways. I am happy to work with all serious students in any discipline. Serious doesn’t mean competition and it doesn’t have to mean dressage. And, it certainly doesn’t mean, No Fun! Serious does mean you really want to ride well and are willing to put the time and effort into educating yourself and training your horse. We can have a lot of fun and be serious at the same time. After you’ve browsed around the site and read Getting to Yes: Clicker Training for Enhance Horsemanship, consider these options…

Training for Balance and Suppleness

Dressage isn’t about sitting a ‘certain way’ or a particular breed of horse. It is about balance, alignment, suppleness, responsiveness, invisible aids and every horse, no matter what breed or discipline you ride, every horse will benefit from this training. I can help you help the horse you have be the best he (or she!) can be. This can take the form of teaching you how to use longeing and in-hand work to ‘ride from the ground’. No longer is ground work just a way to get the bucks out. Under saddle I can teach you how to develop responsiveness in your horse as well as help you pinpoint the spots in you that are getting in the way of your horse’s responsiveness.

Behavioral problem resolution

Perhaps the issue you are having is more fundamental. Is your horse biting, kicking or telling you in some other form that something isn’t right? I can help you look at the problem from the horse’s point of view and find a positive way to solve the problem.

In person lessons

I now live in Ocala, FL and am available to give private lessons.  My rate is $40/hour if you are in Ocala.  Outside of Ocala it is $50/hour.  First evaluation session is Free!!


If you are interested in learning more about ‘Getting to Yes’ with your horse but distance is a problem, consider organizing a clinic. Get some friends together for a weekend of intensive learning and share the cost.

Video lessons

In a perfect world we could work through problems in person. But sometimes distance or weather may keep us apart. If you have access to a video camera and can post videos on the internet this is one way that some clients enjoy staying in touch with me.